Veteran Owned and Operated State-Licensed and Fully Insured
Veteran Owned and Operated State-Licensed and Fully Insured

Our 6 Phase Service Program

PHASE I – Water Mitigation

Why is this damage happening? BioPure’s first step when there is water damage is to take fast, appropriate actions to reduce or prevent the amount of damage. When plumbing failures, permeating leaks, or storms cause water to rush into your building BioPure identifies the source and stops the continued influx of water. Once the water is cut off at its source, BioPure uses state of the art equipment and techniques to dry the environment.

PHASE II – Detection and Discovery

Is there Mold? BioPure finds the mold using specialized on-site services, which include environmental sampling and visual inspections. Our trained experts perform a “building physical exam” with a comprehensive biological collection protocol. Our complete sampling method is used to locate and identify the presence of mold and fungi.

PHASE III – Pre-Testing & Third Party Verification

Is the mold toxic? A certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures to identify the mold species as well as the total colony forming units (CFU). If biological risks are identified, BioPure prepares a comprehensive report to explain the specific biological risks and develops a customized treatment plan. This report is then reviewed with our clients in strict confidence.

Phase IV – Treatment

Apply our product! BioPure professionally trained technicians apply our product by using a proprietary atomization process, which allows our product to be surface applied and injected behind walls or into air vents to treat hidden toxic molds. All work is performed at the convenience of our clients, including off-hours, nights, and weekends.

PHASE V – Clearance Verification

Is it gone? How do you know? BioPure provides certified results. When a treatment plan has been completed, BioPure repeats a comprehensive on-site biological collection protocol within 72 hours and a certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures. Data from the Pre- and Post- Testing results are analyzed and a comprehensive report is prepared and made available to the client on a confidential basis, thus providing a scientifically based assurance that the indoor air quality is safer.

PHASE VI – Prevention

How can I keep this from returning? BioPure offers prevention and maintenance plans tailored to our clients specific needs.

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“In these troubling times, I feel extremely fortunate to have found BioPure Restoration. I discovered that my house had been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, and I felt trapped and didn't know how to quickly remedy the situation. When I called BioPure Restoration, they not only promptly answered my call but quickly came to my house and disinfected it. Now, thanks to the professionals at BioPure Restoration, I feel safe in my own home. It is very important to have this job done by highly qualified professionals with the proper chemicals and not rely on self-cleaning methods. Let BioPure Restoration do the job for you. ”— 
“When you’re in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic flood, this is the first call you should make. Beyond possessing state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, the team at BioPure reacts immediately, helps you navigate the claims process, and gives you peace of mind that everything is under control.”— 
“I had no idea how much damage water could do until my house flooded. It’s completely overwhelming. However, after just one phone call, the team at BioPure swooped in and got started immediately, drying things out and taking away all the damaged material, including sheetrock, carpets, and tile. It would have taken me months to accomplish what they did in just a few days. Now I can focus on putting my house back together without worrying about dangerous mold lurking in the walls as a result of water damage.”— 
“I would highly recommend this company. They are very dependable, trustworthy, honest, polite, knowledgable and got the job done quickly. You won't find a better company out there!”— 
“These guys rock! They were incredibly professional and guided us through the entire process, letting us know exactly what to expect. I hope I don't have to but would definitely use them again.”— 
“Quick fast service thankyou A+++”— 
“These guys are amazing. I would definitely refer these guys.”— 
“They provide timely and good work. Very professionally.”— 
“We live in a very large home in Boca Raton with our two children. Three months ago we noticed some staining on the ceiling in our second floor study. Upon subsequent evaluation by a local general contractor we were informed we had a roof leak and what appeared to be mold in our attic space. Our worst fears were confirmed after we had anIndustrial Hygienist test our home; the air quality throughout our home was horrible! While looking for an Eco-friendly solution (our son has asthma) we were referred to BioPure by a neighbor..I looked at their reviews and called them the next day. Within two weeks BioPure had our entire home mold free and put back together.. They even worked directly with the insurance company as we left town for a few weeks.. I cannot say enough good things about them, absolutely marvelous! If you are looking for true professionals with Eco-friendly solutions, look no further.”— 
“We came back to our home after a two month vacation to find a leaking AC unit and an enormous amount of mold. BioPure's product which we found was touted by the Department of Defense Naval Base in Groton Connecticut, was an absolute wonder and eco friendly! Look at their testimonials and decide for yourself!”— 
“Confident professionals in a very stressful time. Mold is scary! We felt relieved from the very first moment when they showed up after finding an inch of water in the house from the washing machine. They handled everything and it was even covered by insurance.”— 
“I had a roof leak while away on vacation and came back to a leaking roof with water intrusion in my master bedroom. It took a while to get fixed and during that time mold grew and grew out of control to the point I was unable to stay there for health reasons. I had some crazy estimates for mold removal that didnt work for our pocketbook. A friend put me in touch with Frank at BioPure who responded immediately, came over immediately and was able to get his crew out immediately. It was quick and effective! Frank followed up with me and when I had an additional issue (a broken ac (completely unrelated) and feared a return of the mold) he stepped up again quickly to help me once more to be on the safe side since mold loves a lot of humidity. I cant recommend Frank and his company more for their professionalism and their service.”— 
“I had no knowledge of, or experience with any leak or mold ever before. When we got a leak from our upstairs bathroom down into our kitchen, it was quite stressful. Biopure was there and on top of everything immediately. They had the kitchen & bathroom under control right away, neatly sealed with accessible entry. They gave us all of the information of the steps that would be taken, & executed the entire process in a timely fashion and reliable manner. From the insurance & paperwork, to each step of the job & keeping the house clean. Great job.”— 
“When we faced unexpected mold issues in our investment property, BioPure Restoration was the first remediation company to pick up the phone. Timely, professional and knowledgeable coupled with great work. An overall excellent experience.”— 
“I had a very positive experience with this company, BioPure. I recently had a flood due to a plumbing leak that resulted in immense water damage. Frank McHugh and his team at BioPure are honest, dependable and do great work. BioPure removed all the compromised materials including some scary looking mold making our house clean and safe! Due to our very wet and humid climate in South Florida, it's inevitable that every home will at some point have some sort of mold or water damage. BioPure has been in business for 25 years, and is a 1 stop all inclusive company that provides 24/7 solutions for water/flood emergencies, mold testing & remediation, AC maintenance and property repairs. This company gets the job done quickly and efficiently and I highly recommend them.”— 
“I have been having leaks and problems left and right, I called frank from biopure and he was right over with all the tests necessary to figure out what the problem was, had equipment set up the next day and every single time I have a question or issue with anything they are right there when I call. Great company, great service, great prices!”— 
“Frank McHugh and his team were by far the most professional, talented, and efficient team that I have ever employed in my history as a homeowner. They responded within hours of my call and showed up to my house with dry out equipment. Everything was explained to me very well, and the BioPure team handled everything on the insurance end. Despite having the damage in my home, the experience was made as painless as possible.”— 
“I had a very positive experience with BioPure when I went to go move into my town home and found out that it was littered with mold due to an AC leak that was never tended to subsequently causing water damage to many of the walls. Frank McHugh and his team BioPure dried my home out and then removed all the mold quickly and efficiently. He was very informative and educated me on what would be done on multiple occasions and the time frame in which I could expect the work to be finished. Not only was he kind in keeping me in the loop of what was going on, but he also made me feel comfortable moving into my place that could have potentially made me sick had it not been fixed. They were able to do everything from the mold testing, repair and remediation to the property repairs. Frank and his team got it done right the first time and I would highly recommend them.”— 
“I am impressed with how professional this company is. Their agents always showed up on time, were trustworthy and respectful, answered all of my questions, found our problem, and delivered a written report in a timely manner. BioPure was so helpful I recommended them to my sister when she found water damage in her house!”— 
“We have small children and were deeply worried about how we could avoid the expense of moving out of our home. After a little research online, we called BioPure. Their technicians and their eco-friendly products allowed us to stay home and get through this process as stress free as we could imagine - truly impressive.”— 
“BioPure made dealing with the restoration of mold and flooding in my house as seemless. Everybody who walked through my door was professional, knowledgeable, and respectful to the fact that I had young children and needed the job done quickly, efficiently, and impeccably. They kept the work areas clean and neat, they were helpful if I had insurance questions I needed them to answer, and they kept contaminated areas blocked safely. I HIGHLY recommend BioPure for any of your water damage, mold, or restoration needs. I couldn't have been happier. They are the best.”— 
“I highly recommend BioPure. I found signs of water damage in my bathroom a couple weeks ago and my neighbor directed me to BioPure, said they did a great job on her house. The team was there within hours of my calling to find the problem, dry out the area, and assess the damage. They worked quickly and diligently to eliminate all traces of mold and rebuilt so beautifully. I'm particularly impressed that all products they used to get rid of the mold are environmentally friendly.”— 
“This company is great to work with! The owner, Frank, is extremely helpful. I cant wait to work with them again in the future! I highly recommend them.”— 
“I would highly recommend this company. They are very dependable, trustworthy/ honest and get the job done quickly. The owner, Frank McHugh, came out to my house immediately, was very polite and knowledgeable about all information and any questions I had. I felt comfortable leaving him and his crew at my house. The dry-out, rebuild, everything looks great and is fixed to my satisfaction. They were considerate in keeping my home as clean as possible during all the destruction. Great Company!! Very responsibly priced! You wont find a better company out there :)”— 
“From the horrible night we came home to a flooded house to the completion of the project. I have been quite impressed by BioPure. I don't normally write reviews online but these guys really made a truly horrible situation go away far quicker than I could have imagined. From the very beginning the team at BioPure have been professional, polite, expeditious, and above all their capability was better than others that I have heard of in their field. Thank you for all you did and for making things with our insurance company go so well.”— 
“BioPure Restoration did an excellent job getting rid of the mold that popped up in my kitchen and guest room. They were neat, respectful of my space and very efficient in working directly with my Insurance Company to resolve all issues. I recommend them very highly. I'm more than happy to offer them references. Don't hesitate to hire them.”— 
“I’m a real estate agent in the area, I’ve worked with this company several times and will continue to send them all of my business. Not only are they professional and trustworthy but they provide all of the information and transparency to understand the entire process. Frank is very reliable and will show up to emergency calls at any time day or night. I recommend this company to all of my family, friends and clients.”— 
“Outstanding service from people who really care about your home and your property. They work incredibly hard and do the job to perfection.”— 
“Great company with fabulous service at affordable prices! ”—