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Veteran Owned and Operated State-Licensed and Fully Insured

Our 6 Phase Service Program

PHASE I – Water Mitigation

Why is this damage happening? BioPure’s first step when there is water damage is to take fast, appropriate actions to reduce or prevent the amount of damage. When plumbing failures, permeating leaks, or storms cause water to rush into your building BioPure identifies the source and stops the continued influx of water. Once the water is cut off at its source, BioPure uses state of the art equipment and techniques to dry the environment.

PHASE II – Detection and Discovery

Is there Mold? BioPure finds the mold using specialized on-site services, which include environmental sampling and visual inspections. Our trained experts perform a “building physical exam” with a comprehensive biological collection protocol. Our complete sampling method is used to locate and identify the presence of mold and fungi.

PHASE III – Pre-Testing & Third Party Verification

Is the mold toxic? A certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures to identify the mold species as well as the total colony forming units (CFU). If biological risks are identified, BioPure prepares a comprehensive report to explain the specific biological risks and develops a customized treatment plan. This report is then reviewed with our clients in strict confidence.

Phase IV – Treatment

Apply our product! BioPure professionally trained technicians apply our product by using a proprietary atomization process, which allows our product to be surface applied and injected behind walls or into air vents to treat hidden toxic molds. All work is performed at the convenience of our clients, including off-hours, nights, and weekends.

PHASE V – Clearance Verification

Is it gone? How do you know? BioPure provides certified results. When a treatment plan has been completed, BioPure repeats a comprehensive on-site biological collection protocol within 72 hours and a certified independent laboratory analyzes the test cultures. Data from the Pre- and Post- Testing results are analyzed and a comprehensive report is prepared and made available to the client on a confidential basis, thus providing a scientifically based assurance that the indoor air quality is safer.

PHASE VI – Prevention

How can I keep this from returning? BioPure offers prevention and maintenance plans tailored to our clients specific needs.

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“When you’re in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic flood, this is the first call you should make. Beyond possessing state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, the team at BioPure reacts immediately, helps you navigate the claims process, and gives you peace of mind that everything is under control.”— 
“I had no idea how much damage water could do until my house flooded. It’s completely overwhelming. However, after just one phone call, the team at BioPure swooped in and got started immediately, drying things out and taking away all the damaged material, including sheetrock, carpets, and tile. It would have taken me months to accomplish what they did in just a few days. Now I can focus on putting my house back together without worrying about dangerous mold lurking in the walls as a result of water damage.”—