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Veteran Owned and Operated State-Licensed and Fully Insured

Boca Raton Mold Remediation and Removal

Our licensed BioPure mold-assessment and remediation team is knowledgeable, prompt, professional, and trained to safely and effectively remove the mold in your home so your family can breathe clean air again.

If you see mold, call us right away so we can contain it. It is important that the mold does not spread and contaminate your entire home.

Mold needs only moisture and organic matter to begin growing. Once a licensed BioPure specialist has identified the source of the moisture/water and it has been repaired, our BioPure technicians will begin the assessment process.

The mold will be removed only after a negative air containment barrier has been set up. Mold spores may settle as dust or, if moisture is present, the spores will colonize and mold will begin to grow in another area of your home. Once it has been determined that mold is present, we will begin the remediation process.

Our BioPure technicians will:

  • Isolate the contaminated area. Close all doors and windows between the contaminated area and other rooms of the home. If necessary, we will introduce containment to seal off compromised materials and contaminated areas from uncontaminated areas.
  • Remove all compromised materials. Remove all wet and mold-damaged porous materials.
  • Place all compromised materials in plastic bags. Discard all wet/moldy/contaminated materials in plastic bags and move off site.
  • Clean the affected area(s). Scrub and/or treat all affected areas with our green, environmentally friendly antimicrobial to avoid causing any additional problems due to caustic, chemical-based products. If necessary, we will vacuum all areas with a HEPA vacuum prior to utilizing our antimicrobial.
  • Conduct visibility test. All areas should be visibly free of contamination and debris. Lack of dust and dirt equals NO MOLD.

Once our BioPure team has completed the remediation process, our administrative staff will assist you with recording a mold-free status and/or assisting with your insurance company. If you prefer, we can deal with your insurance company directly so you can get back to your normal life as quickly as possible.

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“When you’re in the immediate aftermath of a catastrophic flood, this is the first call you should make. Beyond possessing state-of-the-art equipment and extensive experience, the team at BioPure reacts immediately, helps you navigate the claims process, and gives you peace of mind that everything is under control.”— 
“I had no idea how much damage water could do until my house flooded. It’s completely overwhelming. However, after just one phone call, the team at BioPure swooped in and got started immediately, drying things out and taking away all the damaged material, including sheetrock, carpets, and tile. It would have taken me months to accomplish what they did in just a few days. Now I can focus on putting my house back together without worrying about dangerous mold lurking in the walls as a result of water damage.”—